Metal Art Antic

Our story

Learn more about our family business which became a tradition

Metal Art Antic is a traditional craft that deals with casting brass and aluminium

Casting with love since '39

Our craftsman story goes back to 1939 and we are distinguished by a long-standing family tradition of sand casting and the production of various products and objects that are made as desired and according to the instructions and requests of clients.

The technique of production and work is based on its purpose and form and relies on patterns of traditional culture, which makes sand casting as such one of the oldest crafts.

Artisanal products

Knowledge of artisanal skills and skills in performing our foundry business makes us the third generation of foundry makers in the family. The great experience we have is a guarantee that we can meet even the most demanding challenges that the customer puts in front of us.

Full service

We provide a complete service consisting of: model making, casting, processing, final chiselling, polishing, patination, gilding, etc.).


We cooperate with many galleries, public institutions, museums, companies, religious communities, units of local and regional self-government (counties, cities and municipalities) and eminent domestic artists.

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